The MOOC Dys Partners

The MOOC Dys: a solid and diversified partnership

First and foremost, The MOOC Dys is a very solid partnership that consists of six Erasmus + project partners, associated partners, “sponsors” and volunteers.
The MOOC Dys would not have been created without the full commitment from numerous individuals and institutions.
Predominantly, the idea of the MOOC is born from an observation : specific learning disorders are still quite unknown, there is still too much confusion between these disorders, autism and other forms of disability.
Marco Bertolini who is the founder of Formation 3.0 in Paris, came up with the idea of a MOOC following a series of contact with “dys” teenagers and their families during his “Learning to Learn” workshops. The idea of the open and massive online course was to attain a maximum number of people, both parents and teachers to participate. However, this wonderful idea needed funding.
Analogously in Belgium, Bérenger Dupont from Logopsycom in Mons was working on projects for “dys” people in the Erasmus + programme.

A project co-financed by the European Erasmus + programme

It is the combination of ideas of these two men that led to the starting point of the Erasmus + project “Mooc Dys”.
This project was then introduced to the Belgian National Agency Erasmus + programme in March 2017. Later, it was accepted. And since then, this unique project has brought together different partners in Europe with similar goals.

Erasmus + project partners

These partners are :
  • Civiform, Italy : Professional Training centre. Civiform is also eminently involved in welcoming and accompanying students with learning difficulties. Over the years, Civiform has developed a genuine expertise and many supports for Dys students.
  • Pitesti University, Pitest, Romania : it is the psychology faculty from this Romanian university that accompanies this project and ensures the contents are valid according to the scientific and pedagogical level ;
  • REDE DBLC, Lisbon, Portugal : REDE is a network of Portuguese associations working in the field of social and education.

Geographical location of Erasmus + project partners

These partners are located in 6 different countries under the European Union :

Associated partners

Associated partners are institutions that do not participate in the Erasmus project directly, yet show support and share their expertise with regards to this project when asked and needed.
  • FFDYS, Paris, France : the French Federation for Dys is a dome that congregate dys associations throughout France.
  • Les Apprimeurs (The Learners), Paris, France : it is a publishing house specialising in digital books particularly in digital illustrated and interactive books. Les Apprimeurs (The Learners) also participated in the European Library Dyspraxiatheca project specialising in the education for dys children.
  • The CyberLab and The Course Networking, Indianapolis, USA : This is the computer lab at Purdue University. Dr. Ali Jafari is the responsible designer for the platform The Course Networking which we will use to launch and broadcast the MOOC Dys.
Below is a picture showing most of the partners and associated partners at the Lisbon meeting in April 2018.
A photo of a group of partners and associated partners of MOOC Dys in Lisbon Portugal
Partner and Associated Partners of MOOC Dys in LIsbon, Portugal April 2018