MOOC Dys Project News

News of the MOOC Dys Erasmus+ project: stages, progress, what we do and how we do it

  • The MOOC Dys team gathered in the University of Pitesti

    The MOOC Dys is postponed to 12 November 2018

    The MOOC Dys was initially scheduled for 15 October 2018. Technical requirements and a concern for quality have led us to postpone the start date to November 12. To my knowledge, MOOC Dys is the first MOOC in the world to be delivered directly in 6 languages, by 6 national teams, simultaneously. An ambitious project, certainly. Too ambitious? We do…

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  • Become a MOOC Dys Ambassador!

    Become a MOOC Dys Ambassador : i.e. a person or institution that relays information and organises targeted activities at local or regional level. Interested? Read more! You like MOOC Dys? And you want to share this experience with others? Do you want to promote specific learning disorders such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysphasia or disorthography? Are you a parent or…

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  • Screenshot of the presentation about the MOOC Dys chronology - the main steps of the Erasmus+ project

    MOOC Dys : The training project chronology

    When will the MOOC Dys take place? What are the different stages of this project? This article represents the main stages of this project chronology.   An animation will show you the project chronology in images. When will the MOOC Dys take place ? The official launch date of MOOC Dys is October 15, 2018. Yet, you are able to…

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  • Two hands shaking in front of the European flag, symbol of our European partnership

    MOOC Dys – A project supported by the Erasmus+ programme

    The European Erasmus+ programme supports and co-finances our MOOC Dys project. About 80% of the cost is borne by this European funding. The Erasmus+ Programme constitutes a vital European support for the MOOC Dys project   The MOOC Dys will not exist without the abutment from the European Erasmus+ programme, In fact, 80% of the cost incurred by designing, creating,…

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