Description of the MOOC Dys – Massive open online training about specific learning disabilities

  • A young couple is learning online with the Course Networking, the virtual learning environment the MOOC Dys chose for its free MOOC on dys troubles

    The Course Networking : our learning platform

    MOOC Dys has selected The Course Networking to host its free and open training for all on learning disabilities. The Course Networking is a global solution that focuses on social learning and active exchanges between participants. The Course Networking : a comprehensive and social online learning platform The MOOC Dys is a participative, collaborative and social MOOC. To meet these…

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  • Young woman reading the MOOC Dys Training Programm on her iPad with the MOOC logo in the bottom of the page

    MOOC Dys : Online training programme

    Presenting the MOOC Dys training programme, an online training open to all, with special attention directing to parents and teachers dealing with Dys children.   Come and discover the different modules spread over 5 weeks + 1 from November 12, 2018. MOOC Dys Training Programme The MOOC Dys is a collaborative MOOC : an online training, free and open to all…

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  • Laptop on a cafeteria table, showing the logo of Formation 3.0 - co-founding partner of the European MOOC Dys

    Formation 3.0 is the MOOC Dys partner for digital pedagogical support

    Formation 3.0 is a training provider specializing in training consulting and digital instructional design. It is a partner of the MOOC Dys and intervenes in the educational accompaniment and the digital design of the training project. Formation 3.0 is the MOOC Dys partner for digital educational support Marco Bertolini created Formation 3.0 in Paris in 2015. The name of the…

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  • Screenshot of the presentation about the MOOC Dys chronology - the main steps of the Erasmus+ project

    MOOC Dys : The training project chronology

    When will the MOOC Dys take place? What are the different stages of this project? This article represents the main stages of this project chronology.   An animation will show you the project chronology in images. When will the MOOC Dys take place ? The official launch date of MOOC Dys is October 15, 2018. Yet, you are able to…

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