MOOC Dys eBooks to download for free!

We promised it: we would provide you with all the contents of the MOOC Dys in the form of free downloadable ebooks. Promise kept: here are the three MOOC Dys ebooks we compiled out of the online training modules 😉

We promised you that after the first session of MOOC Dys in 2018, we would provide you with the course notes in the form of a free downloadable e-book.

Some of you have been generous enough to offer us help, to send us your own notes, etc.

MOOC Dys books in six languages

But the language of MOOC Dys is English… We, therefore, worked in this language to reassemble all the modules in a readable way:

  • the common path: open to all
  • the parents’ path
  • the professionals’ path

We hesitated about the format. We know that many of you are familiar with the PDF format.

Unfortunately, it is a rather heavy format, which is perfectly suitable for printing but not necessarily for reading on screen.

MOOC Dys books in epub format

We have therefore opted for a format more suitable for screen reading: the epub format.

This format can be read not only on a PC but also on a tablet or smartphone. The text adapts to the size of your screen.

Moreover, with some readers, you can adapt your text to suit your needs or those of your child:

  • the size of the characters
  • line adjustment
  • the distance between the words
  • the distance between the lines
  • the type of font
  • etc.

How to read the MOOC Dys eBooks?

We recommend Readium 2 and it is also this player that we have included in our reading tools.

R2 from Readium, the ebook reader that the MOOC Dys recommends
Screencapture of Readium R2

If you do not have a digital book reader, first download Readium 2.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, download it from the Appstore.

If you have an Android device, smartphone or tablet, get Readium on Google Play.

Then click on the link below: it takes you to a Dropbox directory where the book is located.

Click on the link to download it.

Open it in Readium 2 on your smartphone or tablet.

That’s it, 😉

MOOC Dys ebooks to download

We have respected the division into three courses that we have adopted for our MOOC Dys:

  • A common path
  • a path for parents
  • a career path for professionals

You will, therefore, find three MOOC Dys books to download.

How to proceed?

Click on the link of the book you are interested in. In Dropbox, click on the Download link as shown in the image below:

How to download the MOOC Dys books from Dropbox
Click on Open and then on the Download link in Dropbox

Download links for MOOC Dys books

Click on the links below to download the book you want.

The common Pathway ebook

Syllabus – Common path: all the course notes of the first module.

  • Preface
  • The international partnership
  • Unit 1: What are the Dys?
  • Unit 2: Dys Characteristics
  • Unit 3: Living with the Dys

Parents’ Path eBook

Syllabus – Parents’ Path: All the course notes from the Parents’ Path.

  • Preface
  • International partnership
  • Technical support
  • Moral support from parents
The Parents' Path MOOC Dys eBook to help you with your children
Help your child with our MOOC Dys books

Teachers’ Path Book

Syllabus – Teachers’ Path: all the contents of the Teachers’ modules

  • Preface
  • International partnership
  • Pedagogical adaptations
  • Technical adaptations
The MOOC Dys books : helping the teachers with dyslexic children
Helping to integrate dys children in the classroom

These e-books are published under a Creative Commons 4.0 License Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share alike.

You can, therefore, reuse them, modify them, redistribute them free of charge provided you quote the name of MOOC Dys and place a link to this website. You may not resell these books or excerpts or use them in a publication/commercial training without our express permission.

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