MOOC Dys Model Lessons for Teachers

The MOOC Dys International Partnership designed those Model lessons to help you integrate more easily Dys Children in your classroom.

Model lessons that you can reuse with your SLD students

Each Model lesson can be reused or can inspire you to create your own Model Lessons adapted to the special needs of your pupils or students.

In front of each logo, you will find a short description of the Model Lesson content. Click on the Download button to download a free PDF Document of this lesson.

Model Lesson 1: Written Expression

Model lesson for teachers who want to help Dys pupils to write better
  • How to help Dys children to write better?
  • What are the great steps for writing an essay?
  • Some practical tools you can use in your classroom to help Dys children with essay writing

Model Lesson 2: Spell Checking

How to help your dys students with spell checking ?
  • How to help your dys students with Spell Checking?
  • Here are some tips and a practical tool you can use in your classroom

Model Lesson 3: Lesson about Responsibility

How to teach responsibility to your dys students ?
  • How to teach your SLDs student to be responsible?
  • Here are some activities that you can practice in the classroom as well as a debriefing session

Model Lesson 4: Open Empathy

How to open your dys students to empathy?
  • How to open up your SLD students to empathy?
  • How to entice them to be a good person?
  • Here are some activities to help your Dys student to enter someone else’s shoes

Model Lesson 5: Classroom integration

How to integrate dys students in your classroom
  • How to better integrate SLD students in your classroom?
  • Use our classroom integration activities and debriefing exercises

Model Lesson 6: Mathematics

Mathematics Model Lesson for Dys students
  • How to teach mathematics to SLD students?
  • Here are some concrete activities that will help to materialize the teaching of mathematics and make it easier for all students.

Model Lesson 7: Learning English

How to help SLD students to learn English?
  • How to help your SLD students to learn English?
  • Develop the productive and receptive skills of your students
  • Try our book review template to improve reading skills

Model Lesson 8: Giving & Receiving Feedback

How to teach your sld student to use feedback?
  • How to teach your SLD students to use feedback?
  • Use our templates and techniques to improve the feedback skills of your SLD students!

Model Lesson 9: Environment Protection

How to rise awareness about Environment protection?
  • How to teach environment protection to your SLD students?
  • Follow our activities and use our templates to raise awareness about environment protection?

Model Lesson 10: Reading Techniques

How to use reading techniques with your lsd students?
  • How to help your Dys Students with reading?
  • Follow our examples and use our reading techniques, like skimming, scanning or Cloze Procedure

Model Lesson 11: Sport Education

How to promote sport education for sld children?

How to adapt Sport Education and physical activities for SLD children?

Here are some principles and also a series of activities that you can try with SLD student of different school levels, from pre-school to secondary school.

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