Reading Tools and Helpers for Dys children

This set of tools will help your Dys children to overcome their reading difficulties.

In front of the tool logo, you will find a short description. Click on the Download button to download the free PDF document attached.

Logo Readium 2 ebook reader with interesting features for dys children and teenagers
  • Readium 2 is an eBook reader that proposes interesting features for dys children like words and letters spacing; row spacing; margins adjustment; special fonts like Open Dyslexia
Open Dyslexic Type Font is a special typeface aimed to help dyslexic children
  • Open Dyslexic Type Font is a special typeface adapted to dyslexic children. 
  • Its special shapes help children to discriminate the letters and to better understand their readings.
Physical reading tools
  • Physical reading tools provide some support for your child to read better and with less effort.  They can be as simple as a ruler or book support or as sophisticated as an exam pen reader.
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