MOOC Dys Parents ToolKit

Tools to cope with Dys daily life and school work

In parallel to the MOOC Dys online training, the international team involved in this project committed to creating a “MOOC Dys Parents Toolkit“: a toolbox that would ease the daily life of parents their Dys children.

On this page, you will find 7 types of tools, tips and techniques that will make your life easier.

To know more about those tools, tips and tricks – how we organised them and what our set of icons mean, you can download our general Presentation of the Parents MOOC Dys Toolkit.

Parents Toolkit Categories

We established 7 Tool Categories in our ToolKit. Here you will find a description of each category and links to the tool pages.

Note taking applications and writing tools
Visual thinking: tools like mind maps or concept maps, tools that help you organising your ideas on a visual basis
  • Mind Maps, Concept Maps and other visual tools to organise your ideas
  • Tools to get organised or manage your projects
  • Click to view our Visual Thinking Tools
Reading applications and helps for dys children and teenagers
Audio and text to speech tools to help dys children
Maths and numbers applications for dys children and teenagers
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