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A video created by one of our Ambassadors

Join the MOOC Dys community, this is the video directed by Jean-Luc Rio, one of the MOOC Dys Ambassadors.

When we created the MOOC Dys Ambassadors network, we expected to receive some reaction, support and sympathy from the public.

We had the impression that we would be getting some assistance to make ourselves more prominent.

A promotional video entirely produced by a MOOC Dys Ambassador

But, we didn’t expect an Ambassador to make a promotional video for us!

And yet, that is what Jean-Luc Rio did.

After participating in the Ambassadors’ webinar, he joined the network and one day, without any indication, he posted this:


Many thanks to Jean-Luc Rio for this promotional tool 😉

And thank you to the Ambassadors’ network for their tireless efforts and support towards the MOOC Dys !

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