Dyspraxia DCD Ireland : The Associated partner of the MOOC Dys

The Dyspraxia DCD Ireland is our associated partner

The Dyspraxia DCD Ireland : A voluntary body established by parents of Dyspraxia children


Our associate partner is an association based in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1995 by parents of dysplraxia/DCD children, this association is actually bodied by volunteers who are passionate about aiding children with Dyspraxia troubles in any possible manner. DCD derives from Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Dyspraxia DCD Ireland relies totally on its members’ subscriptions, donations and fundraising activities in order to execute its goals.

Aims and Objectives of the Association

Here is a presentation of the Aims and objectives of Dyspraxia Ireland.

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Early detection is crucial

Heavily stressed upon the meaning of Dyspraxia and the troubles which can be caused by this disorder, the association emphasizes the importance to detect and recognize such disorder at a very young age ; as early as pre-school, to be able to give help and support to those who are directly affected by this disorder such as parents, children, teachers etc. These signs include :

  • Poor balance
  • Poor fine and gross motor co ordination
  • Poor posture
  • Difficulty in throwing and catching a ball
  • Poor awareness of body podition in space
  • Poor sense of direction
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Slow to learn to dress and feed themselves
  • Difficulty with reading, writing
  • Speech problems slow to learn to speak and speech maybe incoherent
  • Etc

Networking and Cooperation

Dyspraxia DCD Ireland has organised and promoted many activities


The activities include :

  • Supporting parents, individuals, families and children affected with Dyspraxia
  • Promoting awareness in Ireland – better understanding of the difficulties
  • Recommends best practice
  • Working and liaising with other organisations
  • Lobbying government depts and relevant bodies in relations to education, health, therapies etc
  • Providing national helpline, distributing information, website
  • Facilitating acess to related therapies and services
  • Organising parents days, workshops, seminars, courses, conferences with professional speakers, giving presentations to schools and colleges
  • Networking with regional support groups
  • Fundraising for all the above
  • Distributing info packs and booklets
  • Circulating newsletter covering latest events, news, info

A win-win partnership for Dyspraxia DCD Ireland and MOOC Dys

Since Dyspraxia Ireland work mostly with people who are directly involved with the dys children, this project is a golden opportunity for them to be a part of a social, open learning environment where they could find out more information and anything related to the dys problems in the area they are interested in and at the same time providing the partnership with contributions from a variety of professionals.

Click here to visit their website : Dyspraxia DCD Ireland.

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