MOOC Dys Project News

The MOOC Dys is postponed to 12 November 2018

The training will start 4 weeks later

The MOOC Dys was initially scheduled for 15 October 2018. Technical requirements and a concern for quality have led us to postpone the start date to November 12.

To my knowledge, MOOC Dys is the first MOOC in the world to be delivered directly in 6 languages, by 6 national teams, simultaneously.

An ambitious project, certainly.

Too ambitious?

We do not think so. We have given ourselves the means to carry out this collective adventure.

However, we were probably a little optimistic about the start date of this project.

A decisive meeting

From 12 to 14 September, we had a meeting with all the partners. We were hosted by our Romanian partner, the University of Pitesti.

We analyzed the progress of each module.

And we have decided to postpone the start date of the MOOC Dys to 12 November 2018.

Why? Why? For two reasons:

  • because we want to ensure that all partners will be able to start at the same time
  • because we want to offer you quality content

1.The partners all start at the same time

Why do you want all partners to start at the same time?

Because we would like to promote maximum exchanges between participants from different countries in the languages we offer for the MOOC Dys.

The Course Networking platform, which is generously offered to us by its founder, Dr. Ali Jafari, not only allows us to publish simultaneously in different languages, but also gives the participants the opportunity to exchange in their own language with other participants who communicate with their own mother tongue by using this fantastic translation tool provided by the Course Networking.

For example, a French participant will be able to comment in his or her own language on a Greek participant’s post that he or she has read in French using the translation tools. The Greek participant will be able to answer in his own language and the Frenchman will be able to read the answer in French.

This way, MOOC participants will be able to share their own experiences and discover how things are going elsewhere.

2. Quality content

From the very beginning, we also have had an ambitious objective here : to offer you content:

  • scientifically verified
  • pleasing to the eye
  • interactive
  • that encourages maximum exchange between participants

All this takes time.

Therefore, we prefer to give you an appointment a month later, but offer you content which is worthy of you. Not only videos to watch passively, but also “experiences” to try with the other participants in order to learn and improve each other.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

The MOOC Dys team.


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