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Become a MOOC Dys Ambassador!

Ambassadors ensure the local and regional anchoring of our MOOC on Dys disorders

Become a MOOC Dys Ambassador : i.e. a person or institution that relays information and organises targeted activities at local or regional level. Interested? Read more!

  • You like MOOC Dys?
  • And you want to share this experience with others?
  • Do you want to promote specific learning disorders such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysphasia or disorthography?
  • Are you a parent or teacher of a “dys” child or head of a school or association?

What is a “MOOC Dys Ambassador”?

A MOOC Dys Ambassador is a person or institution who decides :

  • to disseminate information: there is a multilingual MOOC to help parents and professionals working with children or adolescents with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysorthography, dysphasia;
  • to propose a targeted local or regional action, in link and partnership with the MOOC Dys national team;

What kind of action can you organise as a MOOC Dys Ambassador?

Learning alone and being behind the screen for the duration of a MOOC is not inevitable.

We would like to make the MOOC Dys an instrument for dissemination, but mainly for sharing and exchanges. Exchanges between parents, professionals, teachers or simply ordinary people who want to know more about dys’-type disorders.

Not all of these exchanges need to take place online. You can make a difference by organising concrete, friendly actions in your neighbourhood, school or association.

Meeting of mothers with Dys children

These actions can be in different forms:

  • organise a weekly meeting around the virtual classroom (“live” event, in the form of a video conference, organised each week around the theme of the week)
  • organise one or two sessions per week in your school to work together on online training: discussion oo related subjects, participation in online exchanges, etc.
  • organise an awareness campaign on specific learning disabilities in your school using the open educational resources created by the MOOC Dys team
  • welcome members of your association to
  • etc

Do you have any other ideas? Enrich our idea bank!

We have created an online idea bank: simply enter your idea in the field under the title. Your idea is sent and can benefit anyone!

Go to AnswerGarden

The MOOC Dys Ambassador Kit

As a MOOC Dys Ambassador, you will receive the latest information on live events: each week, we will invite one or more people to talk about topics related to the week’s theme.

But before the training, you will have access to a dedicated “MOOC Dys Ambassador” network on Course Networking, the learning platform used for MOOC. You will, therefore, be able to familiarize yourself with the learning environment. Then, you are better equipped to give an explanation later at your events.

We can also share:

  • resources: documents, posters, pamphlets, etc.
  • information: via chat, e-mail, tickets;
  • skills via videos, texts or computer graphics

You will also receive promotional “material”:

  • posters to hang on the wall of your school, association or neighbourhood institution
  • elements for presenting the themes of the MOOC
  • resources to communicate online (blog, social networks, etc.)
  • tips to make your action a real success!

A MOOC Dys Ambassador Badge

Recognition and a way to identify you

MOOC Dys is hosted on The Course Networking platform. This distance education system is “gamified”. This means that it offers points and badges.

The MOOC Dys Ambassador Badge


I created a MOOC Dys Ambassador badge.

This badge has two functions :

  • it is a mark of recognition on our part: it is a way to thank you and to distinguish you for your contribution to our project 😉
  • It is also a way for learners to identify you as a MOOC Dys Ambassador and to contact you to participate in your action if they live in the region and wish to join you.

MOOC Dys Ambassador Badge and Course Networking ePortfolio

The MOOC Dys Ambassador Badge is integrated into The Course Networking platform. It is displayed on your ePortfolio, the equivalent of a profile page on Linkedin. This way, other participants can immediately identify you as an ambassador and get in touch with you.

This ePortfolio is a lifelong learning tool. You keep it even after you have completed the MOOC and you can post your badges, certificates, CV and any document you want to use to show your academic and/or professional achievements.

The badge is also compatible with Mozilla’s Open Badge Backpack: an internationally recognized collection of training badges. This means that you can also display your MOOC Dys badges in this “open” badge system.

You can also customize your ePortfolio and present your action in detail.

A network to support you

We’re not going to leave you out to dry as soon as you get your badge !

We have created a network where you need to register first. It’s completely free.

To do that, please register on our platform The Course Networking, where the MOOC Dys training will take place.

As soon as you are on the right page, click on the upright button as shown in the image:

Then fill in the required fields.

And visit the MOOC Dys Ambassadors page. Admission is free, you are more than welcome 😉

A Webinar to learn more about the role of MOOC Dys Ambassador

You want to know more about :

  • the organisation?
  • on the material made available to you?
  • about how we can support you?
  • Would you like to ask us your questions live?

We are organising our first webinar (online and live video conference) on Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 19h30 (Paris time – UGT+2).

Click on the link to register and participate live in this first online conference.

If you are unable to participate, the webinar will be recorded and published on this website the morning after.

See you soon on the MOOC Dys 😉

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