ISREGESE : Associated Partner of the MOOC Dys

The Greek Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education is our partner

The Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education (or ISREGESE ) is the Greek Associated Partner of the MOOC Dys.  This scientific organisation gathers highly trained specialists in special education in Greece.  Their expertise is unvaluable for the MOOC Dys.

The Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education A unique variety of expertise

Logo of the Institute for Research and Studies in General and Special Education

The Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education (hence the Institute) is a newly founded organization, in the form of a civic not for profit company, designed to support and enhance the work of the multitude of professionals working in public education, on a scientific level.

At present, there are 130 members approximately in its manpower, highly specialized in a variety of fields relevant to education and/ or rehabilitation, as well as assessment, intervention and multidisciplinary work, serving public settings in different posts in primary and secondary education as well as in special education and vocational training.

There is, therefore, an enormous, highly specialized knowledge pool within the Institute expanding all through the Territory, from Thrace and Macedonia to Crete and the Islands. It is a rather unique scientific body as it involves a vast field of expertise and special skills from a variety of scientific perspectives and from very diverse backgrounds which can be explored for major development in the field of any action concerning education, training, assessment and intervention.

Given the fact that the Special Educational Staff, which may work either in a mainstream or a special education setting, includes a diversity of professionals, ranging from Child Psychiatrists to Occupational and Speech Therapists, Social Workers, School Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Class Assistants, it is in the scope of the Institute to provide opportunities for further education, training and research to all its members through national and European projects, seminars, workshops, conferences and specialized courses.

Conference for the Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education, Greek associated partner of the MOOC Dys
The ISREGESE constantly offers training and seminairs to its members

Aims and purposes of the Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education

Furthermore, among the aims and purposes of the Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education are the following:

  • the  promotion and dissemination of ideas, initiatives, programs, projects and actions related mainly to issues of general and special education and vocational training
  • the exploitation of research and technological developments in special education and training,
  • the study of the interaction of technological development with policies, programs, actions and their impact on society
  • the dissemination of results of relevant research and studies to wider groups of citizens, institutions and institutions
  • the promotion of the participation of citizens in innovative projects and work
  • the design and or implementation of counseling, mentoring, training, education and training for employees, the self-employed and the unemployed
  • the development of personal skills and the ability for  professional development of Vulnerable Social Groups as defined by National or European Legislation
  • the promotion of cooperation for the economic and social development of the developing countries of the world through humanitarian, food and development aid actions

Networking and cooperation

Particular effort is to be given:

  • to establishing a network and cooperation of the Institute with international, European, regional and national organizations – public, private, not-for-profit, institutions etc. as well as similar initiatives of actors and citizens in Greece and abroad

Despite the fact that the Institute has very recently been active as a body in the pursuit of educational development and enhancement, there are already a number of worthwhile achievements including a Cultural Festival in Athens for the Promotion of Special Education Initiatives with the participation of the majority of special educational settings of the city, successfully organized a conference on Inclusive Education and a seminar for psychologists on the new Greek edition of intelligence scales.

The ISREGESE and the MOOC Dys : a win-win partnership

The Institute was invited to participate as associated partner in the MOOCDys KA2 project so that the use of the platform could be disseminated throughout the country as the Institute will take actions to inform its members of the purpose and main functions of this international e-learning platform.

The target audiences of the project: families of children with dys troubles, teachers and general public, are exactly the people that the members of the Institute interact with in their everyday work. It would give them, therefore, a chance to enter in a social, open learning environment to find out anything on dys problems they are interested in, at the same time providing the partnership with an extended application area with contributions from a variety of professionals.

Finally, both the Institute and the MOOCDys partnership will undoubtly benefit from the  exchange of a range of resources on all aspects of dealing with a dys problem, be it an individual, institution, educator or  any other professional coming in from an extremely representative sample of the european social and educational reality.

You can visit the Institute for Studies and Research of General and Special Education website (in greek).

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