DLBC LISBON: Partner of MOOC Dys

CLLD Lisbon - Association for the Community Led Local Development of Lisbon

DLBC Lisbon is a partner of the MOOC Dys.  This network of private and public associations and institutions counts about 150 members.  This features allows the DLBC Lisbon to be efficient in multiple dimensions of the social work in the Portuguese capital neighbourhoods. 

DLBC Lisbon, 150 members-institutions at the service of a unique cause

DLBC LISBOA (CLLD LISBON) is a non-profit association, founded in February 2015 that brings together about 150 institutions of the social (80%), public (11%) and private (9%) sectors.  It is the Portuguese partner of the MOOC Dys.

Its goal is to implement local development dynamics in neighbourhoods and depressed areas for the socio-territorial cohesion of the city of Lisbon, with logic of intervention and cooperation of multiple sectors and multiple agents.

The axes and general objectives of its activity are as follows:

  • Economy: to create jobs and to stimulate local economies
  • Education – Training: to reduce early school leaving, to increase school success and to qualify for active life
  • Social inclusion: to eradicate generational poverty
  • Health: to improve quality of life
  • Culture and Sports: to improve quality of life

Among the members of DLBC LISBON are the City Hall of Lisbon, several district councils of the city, many associations of various types (local, social solidarity, health, culture, sport, youth, human rights), cooperatives, NGO, foundations, charities, VET centres, public and private schools (primary and secondary), universities and research centres.

The DLBC LISBON has a great capacity to act on the ground due to the territorial and social proximity of many of its members with the population. The participation of the Municipality of Lisbon in the DLBC Lisboa gives it a large logistical capacity, in places and equipment, to organize meetings and host major events.

Map of Lisbon neighbourghoods in which DLBC Lisbon, partner of the MOOC Dys, is working
The 67 depressed territories of Lisbon and its 143.447 inhabitants are priority in DLBC action until 2020

By the number and diversity of its members, DLBC LISBOA has a great responsiveness to the implementation of a wide range of projects. For each of them, organizes an internal partnership with a multidisciplinary team that will ensure an efficient performance.

DLBC Lisbon, key partner of the MOOC Dys

DLBC LISBOA ensures the involvement of a qualified staff in the MOOC Dys: a project coordinator with expertise on European projects and on social and educational issues; researchers and trainers to work on the themes and objectives of the project; technicians and administrative assistants to ensure the correct operation of all activities.

DLBC LISBOA has as associated partner in MOOC Dys the DISLEX – PORTUGUESE ASSOCIATION OF DYSLEXIA, which is the reference organization in Portugal for action-research on dyslexia.

You can contact the team directly through email.

Or you can follow their Facebook Page (in Portuguese).

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