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Contact MOOC Dys

Use this contact page to reach us!

Want to contact us? Do not hesitate ! Whether it’s for information, a proposal for partnership or intervention by us, do contact us : it is a pleasure to serve you.

To receive regular information on the MOOC Dys, its official commence date, the evolution of the project, etc., please subscribe to our Newsletter.

We do not forward you any advertisement nor spam : only information about the project and the MOOC itself.

Do you want to organise an event in partnership with MOOC Dys?

The MOOC Dys is carried out for 5 weeks starting on the October 15, 2018.

You can contact us to organise a partnership project or anything similar. You can also offer your services to the MOOC by running a particular section or creating resources that can be used by the MOOC team or by the participants.  You can also organise your own activities in parallel to the MOOC or just by using our free and reusable resources.

Please forward us your question or project proposal by contacting us via the form given below !

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