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Formation 3.0 is the MOOC Dys partner for digital pedagogical support

Pedagogical support and digital design

Formation 3.0 is a training provider specializing in training consulting and digital instructional design. It is a partner of the MOOC Dys and intervenes in the educational accompaniment and the digital design of the training project.

Formation 3.0 is the MOOC Dys partner for digital educational support

Marco Bertolini created Formation 3.0 in Paris in 2015. The name of the company derives from the popular blog that the training consultant has been operating since the end of 2009.

This training and educational design consulting firm supports companies and institutions in their training policy through:
  • consulting in innovative pedagogies: active pedagogies, digital or otherwise
  • digitalisation consulting training: creation of online training (e-learning), hybrid (face-to-face and online) or microlearning
  • the creation and distribution of online training (SPOCs and MOOCs)

Formation 3.0 publishes its own e-learning courses on the Spoc en Stock website.

Educational intervention in the MOOC Dys project

Formation 3.0  is one of the founding partners and is the digital pedagogy advisor for the MOOC Dys project.  Its role is to help transform and convert other partners’ expertise into the online  content and educational activities.

Therefore, it supports all partners in :

  • efficiently creating an online platform which is able to host and distribute the contents and activities of the MOOC
  • defining educational objectives and analyzing the needs of different audiences
  • composing educational scenarios
  • designing and creating of the contents and activities of the MOOC
  • animating of the live sessions for the French and English sections of the MOOC

Formation 3.0 is also responsible for the MOOC Dys communication

Formation 3.0 is the partner in charge of the Dissemination Plan for the Erasmus + project.  It is accountable for communication with both various interested publics and the institutions.
Formation 3.0 has created this website for all respective partners and is also in charge of communication on social networks for the French and English sections of the project.  This is clearly evident on our TwitterMOOC Dys account.
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