Logopsycom : the MOOC Dys Project Leader

The Belgian company coordinates our Erasmus+ Project

Logopsycom, the Belgian partner, is also the leader of our Erasmus+ project MOOC Dys.  Logopsycom is a company specializing in the accompanying and the integration of youngsters with specific learning disabilities.  A crucial experience for the MOOC Dys.

Logopsycom is the MOOC Dys partner that coordinates the Erasmus+ Project.

Logopsycom, Center of pedagogical innovation over the Dys troubles

Logospycom was initially created as a of an organisation specialized in projects for skills development, professional training, treatment and inclusion for young people with learning disorders, especially “Dys” youngsters (Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, etc.).

During several years of accompanying schools, educational organisation, youngster and parents we created or used alternative methods or tools (digitals or not) and we have developed our field of expertise to be an education innovation centre.

This background on learning disorders made us take a special interest and acquire expertise on several topics: reading, writing, mathematics, language learning, non-formal learning, alternative pedagogy and technology in the classroom. Therefore, we offer now a broad range of education support and creation going from private tutorship to online courses with our partners.

We work directly with education institution in Belgium and in Europe and with youngster in our hometown of Mons (Belgium). During all these activities, we keep on focusing on the accessibility and inclusiveness of the material we produce or the activity we organize.

A team of Dys Troubles Specialists

To do that we base ourselves on a team of specialists in house or frequent collaborators: speech therapists, psychologist, psychomotor therapist, researcher, youth workers, teachers and educators
And during the course of our activities we work yearly locally with more than 500 children and teenagers, 4 schools, 2 youth centres and various expert’s centres. And we are well involved at the European level with several international projects and more than 50 European partners.


Bérenger Dupont and Aleksandra Novak from Logopsycom in Edinburgh
Logopsycom in an Erasmus+ meeting in Edinburgh


Logopsycom, dévelopment of specific learning supports for children with Dys troubles

Within our activities of supporting “dys” learners we have developed materials and trainings for the teachers to use in mass schools with their pupils suffering from a disability or one or several learning disorders. This activities and expertise have been developed at a local level with our partner school and institutions but also at a European level where we are currently participating on several projects aiming at creating inclusive tools and methodologies.

With its team of specialists, the company has the experience of various situation. Inside the team, two persons will be particularly involved in the project: Berenger Dupont and Aleksandra Nowak.

Avatars of Bérenger Dupont and Aleksandra Novak, from Logospycom, leader of the MOOC Dys Erasmus+ Project
Bérenger Dupont and Aleksandra Novak of Logopsycom
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