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MOOC Dys – A project supported by the Erasmus+ programme

The European programme co-finances our MOOC

The European Erasmus+ programme supports and co-finances our MOOC Dys project. About 80% of the cost is borne by this European funding.

The Erasmus+ Programme constitutes a vital European support for the MOOC Dys project


The MOOC Dys will not exist without the abutment from the European Erasmus+ programme,

In fact, 80% of the cost incurred by designing, creating, placing and distributing this MOOC online is being financed by the programme.

Then, the various partners involved will diffuse the MOOC Dys through communication to obtain its full effect.

Erasmus+ Programme Support in Key Action 2 : Strategic Partnership

The European Erasmus + programme provides several types of action. One of them is the Strategic Partnership.
The MOOC Dys project gets approval by the Belgian National Agency of Erasmus+ as part of the Key Action 2 : Stragetic Partnership.

The project received Accreditation No. 2017-1-BE01-KA201-02477.

Strategic Partnership Axes Targeted by MOOC Dys

This Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership is for partnerships that :

  • promote the development, testing and / or implementation of new practices in the fields of education, youth or training;
  • aid recognition and validation of skills acquired through formal, non-formal and informal training;
  • support learners with special needs and / or learning disabilities to complete their education. Help them integrate into the labour market. Aid them to strive against discrimination and segregation of marginalized communities in education;
  • help prepare and train professionals to recognise the challenges pertaining equity and diversity in their learning environment.

    Principles of Partnership in Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership

    A project introduced via this application must :

    have, at least, three partners from three different countries. Either from the European Union or associated countries. The MOOC Dys has assembled six partners from European Union countries;

  • be represented by a partner who acts on behalf of the particular organisation. Also, is the legal representative of the project with the Erasmus + National Agency. In the case of MOOC Dys, this representative is Logopsycom, the Belgian partner.

    Duration and scope of the Erasmus+ programme funding

    Funding for the European Erasmus + program is always limited in time.

The MOOC Dys has secured a funding for two years, from October 2017 to September 2019.

Our commitment is to ensure at least two sessions of the MOOC: in 2018 and in 2019.

Besides, we guarantee :


  • Total free admission for participation in MOOC Dys : learners can have full access to all MOOC courses and resources without any financial obligation;
  • our publications are under the Licenses Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution – Non-commercial use – Share Alike : Here, you are able to utilise all resources (texts, images, videos, computer graphics, quizzes, etc.) created by the MOOC dys team for your own courses, trainings, conferences, theses, etc. as long as you referred our resources as your main source; prohibited to use the resources for any commercial purposes (resale or registration fee); and release the resources as they are or modified under the same conditions.

Official logo of the Erasmus+ Programme from the European Union

The project is funded with the support of the European Commission.

This publication is the sole responsibility of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any information contained therein.

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