Civiform : Partner of the MOOC Dys

Vocational Training Center in Northern Italy

Civiform, a vocational center of the Northern Italy, is one of the MOOC Dys Partners.  This very active center has developped a solid experience in the accompanyment and integration of student with specific learning disabilities.   This experience constitutes one of Civiform major contributions to the MOOC Dys.

Civiform : Vocational Training Center

Civiform is a vocational training center registered with the regional administration (Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia) to manage training activities financed through regional funding and through the ESF. Our mission is to help young people and adults enter or re-enter the job market and to assist employed people in updating their skills. 

Civiform trains and accompanies student in various vocational sectors

Civiform, with its two sites located in Cividale and another one in Trieste, has 180 employees and delivers 40 000 training hours per year in the following sectors:

  • agro-food (ice cream makers, bakers, pastry chefs and pizza makers
  • catering (chefs and waiters)
  • graphic design and printing
  • wellness (aestheticians and hairdressers)
  • electricity,
  • mechanics,
  • carpentry
  • welding
  • building
A worker is moulding concrete on a building site - Civiform also trains student in the building sector
Civiform also trains students in the building vocational sector

In addition, Civiform is part of the guidance programme ATS EFFEPI, that delivers initial training in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region and in which it has the second highest number of pupils and classes since it qualifies 5 different professional profiles, 8 different professional figures, 28 classes for a total of 579 pupils every year. 

A solid experience with the students with learning difficulties

Moreover, it has developed a consolidated experience in working with classes with multiproblematic students with behavioral and learning difficulties.  This is one of the major contribution of Civiform to the MOOC Dys partnership.

So far the vocational training center has worked in the direction of providing concrete alternative responses to students with behavioral and learning difficulties. This sensitivity of Civiform over one of the most concerning issues affecting young people is perfectly in line with the commitment of the national, regional and social policies, in their attempt to prevent the degeneration of this situation in school failure and in the consequence of school drop-outs.  

In order to give a response to such an issue, the training center has launched since 2005 till today 220 personalized courses aimed at hindering the risk of school failure and the consequent early school leaving of young people without a lower secondary school qualification. These courses offer young students the opportunity to complete their lower secondary school diploma with a practice-oriented training in a vocational sector. In this manner, the young will feel motivated to complete a difficult course of study in which they are often retained and to further pursue a practice-oriented course that would lead them to obtain a professional qualification. 

A young boy studies graphic design in the Civiform vocational center in Trieste
Graphic design training in the Trieste Civiform vocational training center

In this context, Civiform has developed specific materials for teachers that will be presented within the MOOC. 

In Mooc DYS project, the persons involved are Sara Diodato and Michela Castiglione. 

For more info see our website! 

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