Free Educational Resources created by the MOOC Dys team. Those resources can be reused, modified and redistributed under the Creative Commons Licence Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share alike 4.0

  • Promotion video made by Jean-Luc Rio, one of the MOOC Dys Ambassadors

    Join the MOOC Dys community

    Join the MOOC Dys community, this is the video directed by Jean-Luc Rio, one of the MOOC Dys Ambassadors. When we created the MOOC Dys Ambassadors network, we expected to receive some reaction, support and sympathy from the public. We had the impression that we would be getting some assistance to make ourselves more prominent. A promotional video entirely produced…

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  • What kind of MOOC is the MOOC Dys : connectivist MOOC or mechanical MOOC

    xMOOC vs cMOOC: A MOOC Dys resource

    What is the difference between a xMOOC vs cMOOC? And what kind of training will the MOOC Dys be? We offer you a free and reusable resource : an infographic to understand the world of MOOC ! What is a MOOC ? In the training’s world, people tend to use mumbo jumbo.  Let’s try to understand some part of it…

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